Even if you don't know where to start

Happy Hour Your LLC is for coaches who want to get their LLC, be legit, protected, oh - and not get sued - all before happy hour is over. *clink*
The Truth Is...
Many coaches try to achieve a legit coaching business, but never accomplish it because of confusion and overwhelm that comes with trying to DIY.

And I get it, as a new coach you're not sure where to begin, you don't know what you need, and most of all, you're not trying to spend a ton of money. 

But you DO want to be taken seriously. 

You know you've got a lot to offer, you're bringing a new perspective to the industry, and you have a passion burning in your belly to change lives through your work  — you want to be the next Dom Pérignon in a world of André Brut champagne.

But right now you’re leaning more towards lower-level brunch champagne than top-shelf NYE toast-worthy because your legal foundations are, well, non-existent. 

And that makes your business extremely vulnerable.

you ALSO REALLY want people to stop asking you, "how's your little business doing?" like its a hobby.

Here's the thing though...and i know you don't want to hear ARE treating it as a hobby.

(but don’t stress — we can fix this before you get the bill, top-shelf here you come!)

The reality is, without prioritizing the legal side of your coaching 'business,' you’re going to continue struggle and not be taken seriously...
It’s going to cause a whole lot of stress and overwhelm, and we both know happy hours are always better when you’re enjoying yourself.

Like most new coaches, you've probably tried a few things to make your business legit

  • You tried checking Google, but had no luck because there were 30 different websites leading you in all different directions.
  • You try asking friends that have no idea either and you end up feeling more confused.
  • Maybe you even straight-up tried to ignore it, but ended up feeling illegitimate because you couldn't get a bank account, didn't have an EIN, and only had your name as your coaching "company."

And what’s worse is...
If you don’t get your LLC soon — 

you end up worrying about losing assets, getting sued, or never getting your business runnin (and I really don’t want to see you crying into your wine glass when this is all preventable.) 

Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone...

This is exactly why I created happy hour your llc!

For coaches just like you, who want to achieve a legit coaching business, and are tired of getting lost down the Google rabbit hole of unhelpful information and hoping it’ll all just “work out.”
and you'll be relieved to know that everything that you get with happy hour your llc isn't going to cost you $500.

instead, it's only $27...Talk about the happiest hour of your life!  You can get legit all before you finish your FAV COCKTAIL (or MOCKTAIL OF COURSE)! 
Happy Hour Your LLC is my signature 4-part process to get your llc
- quickly & easily -
 How to Start Your LLC Workbook
Quick Guide on How to Get an EIN
How to Stay Legit Checklist
Coaches Legal Checklist
just imagine...
you have a legit company you can feel proud showing off
You can easily get a biz bank account and federal tax ID
You have the assurance of an LLC behind your business name
And, before you know it,
you feel confident in taking on clients and growing your business which is definitely worth a toast! (I think I see a bottle of Dom or Veuve with your name on it!)
- It all starts with the happy hour your llc 4-part system -

Part One

 How to Start Your LLC Workbook

  • You’ll learn how to register your coaching business as a Limited Liability Company, so you can really start doing what you do best - coach.
  • ​We’ll dive into:
  • The different types of business entities so you can understand which one is right for you (hint: it's an LLC)
  • ​How to pick which state you should incorporate in so you can easily run it legit in the long-term
  • ​ How to name your LLC and know if your name is taken 
  • ​The exact steps you need to take so you can register and get legit today!

Part Two

Quick Guide on  How to Get an EIN

  • You’ll learn how to file with the IRS once you are registered, so you can get your Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  • ​We’ll dive into:
  • What an EIN is in the first place and why you MUST have one in your business
  • ​How to navigate the IRS website so you can file for your EIN today
  • How to use the EIN to get even more legit in your biz so you can get a biz bank account and more 

Part Three

How to Stay Legit Checklist

  • You’ll learn how to keep your LLC legit, so you don't lose your status or miss filings.
  • ​We’ll dive into:
  • How to figure out what deadlines you have so you can file annuals reports and pay fees on time
  • How to organize your paper and filings so you can have everything when you need it

Part Four

Coaches Legal Checklist

  • You’ll learn how to protect your coaching business, so you can finally have your legal ducks in a row.
  • ​We’ll dive into:
  • How to put the MOST important legal document in place even before you collect your first dollar so you can keep your sales and not get sued
  • ​How to properly protect the coaching CONTENT you create, including modules, videos, workbooks, and more so you can so you intellectual property is protected and your sales are safe
  • How to make sure your website is legally compliant so you can avoid costly fines


50 State Database - Value $100

A complete database of links to all 50 states with individual links to secretary of state and small business offices - makes finding where you need to file a piece of cake - so you can avoid wasting all day on google trying to figure out the right spot.

It’s unlike any other offer out there because it actually includes links to every state's website and takes you directly where you need to go.

when you complete happy Hour your LLC you will... 
  • Start your LLC and be able to take the other steps to legitimize your business
  • ​Feel ease and confidence when signing new clients knowing you are protected
  • ​Stop losing track of your business income in your personal account and finally be able to open a business bank account
  • Experience less "newbie" embarrassment and more confidence so people take your business more seriously
  • ​Go from side hustle to legit in only one (happy) hour — yes, a glass of wine is totally appropriate 
  • ​Be able to focus on the other "fun" parts of your business knowing yours is properly set up

Here's What You Get:

  • How to Start Your LLC Workbook (Value $297)
  • How to Get An EIN Quick Guide (Value $97)
  • How to Stay Legit Checklist (Value $197)
  • Coaches Legal Checklist (Value $97)
  • FREE BONUS: 50 State Database (Value $100)

total value $788

Today Just $27

“Thanks for doing what you do - we all need it. 

Thank you for the contract templates - they've honestly been such a game changer in legitimizing my business and adding a layer of security!  Sarah is so knowledgeable, prompt and doesn't hesitate to make herself available to help you with any legal questions you have. 

She's a great go-to for any online coach or service provider to have iron-clad contracts that protect you and showcase you to your clients as the professional that you are.""

- Neha Premjee, Health Coach

"I sleep so much better at night knowing that my business AND my clients are both covered.  

Before finding Sarah my legal protections included praying every day that none of my clients sued me. I'll be coming back to Sarah again and again for all my legal business needs!"

- Meaghan Lamm,


  •  I don't just talk about contracts, terms, and trademarks; I actually do it. I use this EXACT method for my clients to help them file an LLC and finally have a legit coaching business.
  • ​I'm not just repeating what every other online attorney says
  • ​I'm not JUST an Attorney for Coaches & Creators. I've been working in the legal world for 15 years and I've been working in the online space for 6 years. I GET IT.
  • ​I've helped clients get an LLC, to be legit, and to be protected and not get sued. And I’ve helped them avoid appearing like a side hustle, expensive attorney fees, and confusion.
hi, i'm sarah waldbuesser
I’m an Attorney for Coaches & Creators who helps coaches get a legit coaching business.

After 6 years in the online space, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to struggle with appearing like a side hustle, expensive attorney fees, and confusion.

I’ve helped so many coaches get a legit coaching business, cheaply and easily.

And I can help you do the same.
what they said...
about working with Destination Legal® to protect their coaching business
lacey sites, success coach
a lit up life®
"Having Sarah's hands on my business's legal situation was pure gold.
I felt totally supported, secure, and peaceful during the entire process of getting all of the important legal aspects of my business taken care of. I stepped even more into my CEO shoes, slept better at night, and ultimately knew that as my passive income products, programs, etc. continued to grow that I would be protected. I recommend Sarah to all my friends and clients for this same exact reason. Legal may not be the sexiest part of business, but it's certainly one of the most important and I was so glad to have Sarah by my side in this process."
"I don’t want to deal with all the legal language and documentation, so Sarah does it for me. I get to focus on doing what I love & she makes sure what I love is protected.
We all think “that will never happen to me. I don’t work with people that would do THAT.” But the reality is that you could end up having someone dissatisfied with your work, some emergency or accident pop up, some refund asked for or who knows what else.

Working with Sarah and having her create my contacts for me takes all that “What If Stress” off my mind. I KNOW I’m covered, I KNOW that if something happens I will actually be able to think through the response I want to give and how I want to handle the situation because LEGALLY the decision is already made."
kelly grignon
leigh shulman
"Sarah made things really easy.
When I first met Sarah, I had absolutely no legal documentation for my business. I knew I needed to be protected but had no idea what I needed or how to make that happen. She asked questions, offered solutions and within a very short time from our first meeting, I had my custom contracts and legal templates in place. Even better, now I actually understand the what, why and how legal fits into my business."
"My primary goal was to sleep a bit better at night knowing that our contracts were serving their purpose. Sarah delivered 100%"
- kiri,
I want you to wake up refreshed, enjoy your fav happy hour cocktail with no stress, and sleep better at night knowing your business is protected. 

This is Right For You If You Are...

  • ​Ready to stop playing small to finally step up get legit
  • ​Ready to STOP googling and start doing
  • ​Willing to put in an hour to finally register as an LLC
  • ​Willing to take a minute to understand the legal ducks you need in a row so you can get to be protected and not get sued

This is Not Right For You If You Are...

  • Not prepared to stop playing small to finally step up get legit
  • Unwilling to take specific action  and prefer to get undesired result

  • ​Tied to asking friends that have no idea either, even though it gets you no where
  • ​Deadset on doing it wrong or ignoring it...Happy Hour Your LLC is NOT for you


I’m a business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.
I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.
That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that Happy Hour Your LLC will turn your coaching business into an overnight success, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the product and that you will have your LLC.
Of course, If you’re not happy with Happy Hour Your LLC, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.
When you click the "YES! I WANT Happy Hour Your LLC NOW" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information.

(Right now, it’s just $27)

What’s standing in the way of you finally getting an LLC, getting to be a legit business, and getting to be protected and not get sued?
I specifically designed Happy Hour Your LLC to make it easy for you by giving you a step by step workbook, help every step of the way, and checklists to keep you moving forward so you're no longer standing in your own YOU really CAN have the legal side of your business set up in one happy hour.
This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just can't do it on my own?
I offer various types of higher-level support. Please contact me at for more information (but also promise, with just a bit of help filing for your LLC is something you can do - and fast!)

What if I decide this isn't for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. No worries.

I'm Sure I can figure it out? Right?
Happy Hour Your LLC was created so you don’t have to figure it out yourself (which could take hours and days BTW). I’ll show you exactly how to register your LLC, get your EIN, and more, so you can achieve a legit coaching business.

When do I get access to the Workbook?
You will receive an email within 30 minutes, giving you the link to access your Workbook. If for some reason you don't review it, check your spam folder, or contact us at


Get your Step by Step Workbook to Register as a Limited Liability Company for coaches who want an LLC, to be legit, stop appearing like a side hustle, oh and not get sued — without expensive attorney fees or googling for hours on end.


Hiya, I'm Allie

I’m a visibility strategist & business mentor for talented, success-driven entrepreneurs.

After five years spent growing my digital marketing agency, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to function as a solopreneur, working day and night to keep up. Over time, I’ve learned how to manage a growing business, multiple revenue streams, raise my three spirited kiddos (ages 7 and under!), while scrapping the “business as usual” trade of hours for dollars – I’ve mastered how to make more money, while working less.

It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Perhaps you want your bank account to have more money than you can spend so you never have to dread your credit card's statement balance emails.

Or spend more time doing what it is you really love, whether that’s time with your family, learning how to finally play the guitar, vacationing around the globe and/or never missing your favorite barre class - you decide.

If you want to know that all of your late nights and all of the agonizing over your dream business was worth it - I'm here to tell you that it was... or will be.

Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now…